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About us

RaceReady enables peak athletic performance by providing innovative, ultra-lightweight comfort-enhancing apparel. We help elite and casual athletes achieve their best by solving common problems: how to stay cool and dry while exercising, how to carry nutrition or other small items while running or working out, how to keep headphone wires out of the way while on the go at the gym or track, how to stay safe and visible on the roads and trails. And to top it off, we support a robust US apparel and textile industry by using only the finest US-manufactured technical fabrics in 100% of our products. When you buy RaceReady, you are buying quality US apparel that supports manufacturing in California, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina.


RaceReady was founded in 1993 to solve a problem – how to carry the energy gels and nutrition bars that were coming on the market that enabled long distance runners to go farther and faster than ever before. Gerry Hans and Mary Button were two such runners and came up with the idea that revolutionized running shorts – why not add external pockets? They did and RaceReady was born in the garage of their Los Angeles home. Mary and Gerry worked tirelessly with a master seamstress to develop prototype after prototype until they produced the perfect pair of shorts that held plenty of gels, food, phones, gloves, maps, keys, ID, meds, really, anything you would ever need on a long distance run – and with minimal or no bounce. The Long Distance running short was born!


Gerry and Mary patented their mesh pocket designs and we’ve been manufacturing Long Distance running shorts and ultra-lightweight athletic shirts in Los Angeles for 20 years. We’ve added innovative accessories and compression products to complete a full line-up that meets the needs of elite and casual athletes around the world. We sell our products online and in specialty running stores throughout the US. We export our US-manufactured apparel to distributors in Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Israel, India and Australia. We also have a roster of blue chip corporate customers such as Ford, Honda, GE, Johnson and Johnson, Motorola and many more who support the healthy lifestyles of their employees with RaceReady custom apparel.